filmclip Read "The Piano and I"
Music for Piano and
Digital Orchestra

Composed and performed by
Don Robertson

1. Dew (4:20)
2. Morning Sunrise (12:36)
3. Prelude (3:48)
4. Romance (10:02)
5. Piano Fantasy (6:48)
6. Midnight Solitude (23:05)

Total Time: 60:39 minutes


My Piano Album

     After the release of my seventh album, Castles in the Sun, I left the new age music genre entirely to concentrate on music composition, writing my ballet Kopavi and the first three movements of my Southern Wind String Quartet. My longtime friend Mary Ellen Bickford encouraged me to re-master my earlier albums, as the tapes were gathering dust in storage in Colorado. Soon we were married and living in a small home in Richmond where I put together a new home studio with all-new equipment. In 2000, we released the album Keys on CD, containing music that I had composed for piano, and several improvisations. Morning Sunrise and Midnight Solitude were improvised by me and captured using midi. Dew was a forgotten composition from the 1980s, Romance was another composition from the 1980s, into which I added an improvised middle section, and Prelude and Piano Fantasy were earlier compositions, the former from 1963, the latter from 1976.

The "Dew" Video by Mary Ellen Bickford

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"Prelude 1963"

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