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New Music for a New Century

"The next Beethoven vill from Colorado come!"
-- Sergei Koussevitzky, Boston Symphony Orchestra 1940s

The Jubilation Mass
"The voice is the ultimate tool for the soul's expression."- Don

Jubilation Mass

Jubilation Mass

by Don Robertson

A Composer from Colorado with a Totally New Music!

"People ask me where my music - which is uniquely mine - comes from. 'Well,' I tell them, 'I just hear it!' and that is the absolute truth. My personal training in music, however, comes from listening to and studying composers, most of whom others have never heard of: Victoria, Ropartz, Franck, Tansen, Bilas Khan, Palestrina, Colonna, Cazatti, Bach, Lasso, Gallus, Sibelius, Scriabin, Wagner, and Beethoven. I feel that I have taken music to a whole new level. Not everyone agrees with me."

Don Robertson

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