Don Robertson's Books

Don Robertson has authored a number of important books. He wrote an instruction book for the tabla drums and the rhythms of North Indian classical music for Peer International in 1968. This first-of-its-kind book was sold internationally for several decades, initiating a number of careers in tabla playing. In 1970 he self-published his spiritual book Kosmon, currently out of print, but scheduled for republication. His lifelong ambition to write the definitive photo-history of his hometown's streetcar transit system, for which his grandfather had been president for 27 years and his father the general attorney, was realized between 1985 and 2010. Don was the author of a complex computer networking book published by McGraw Hill in 1996.

His music books include Songwriting for Dummies, written with Jim Peterik and Mary Ellen Bickford in 2001, the online book Music Through the Centuries in 2005, and The Scale in 2014. His current project is a four-volume set of books for Don's Musical Kaleidoscope Project, detailing the music that he has collected over the decades for his global music-education project.

Musical Kaleidoscope World 1 - America 
  Not Yet Available

Musical Kaleidoscope World 2 - Europe & South of the Border 
  Not Yet Available

Musical Kaleidoscope World 3 - Asia 
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Musical Kaleidoscope World 4 - Classical Music 
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The Scale: Our Musical Inheritance from Nature 

Ripples in Time 

Songwriting for Dummies 

  Watch for a 2020 Edition

Tabla: A Rhythmic Introduction to Indian Music 
  Out of Print

Music Through the Centuries 

Accessing Transport Networks: MPTN and AnyNet Solutions  

Denver's Street Railways - Volume 1 

Denver's Street Railways - Volume 2 

Denver's Street Railways - Volume 3